Cordani Shoes

Doyle Clog by CordaniDoyle by Cordani Nicolas Ankle Boot by CordaniNicolas by Cordani
A fantastically fun leather clog, the Doyle would look great with tights or jeans, and like all Cordani shoes and boots it’s designed for walking in. Comfort and style in perfect harmony!
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The Nicholas from Cordani is a fun and fantastic stacked-heel, ankle boot that is hipper than hip. Even better, it does not sacrifice comfort for style. Indeed, it’s got them both to spare!
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Winston Boot from Cordani, A Boot with Style to SpareWinston by Cordani Cordani - Whistler BootWhistler by Cordani
An equestrian boot with serious flair, this knee-length boot from Cordani, the Winston, will keep you looking smart with it’s brass hardware and aggressive styling
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A handsome knee-length, military style boot, designed to be both comfortable and elegant, the Whistler has enough straps and buckles to satisfy the toughest of tough girls in you.
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Only $465!


It all started on Beacon Hill in the heart of Historic Boston, when Allyson and Michael learned the importance of comfortable shoes while walking up and down the cobblestone streets and alleys of this charming bit of America.

After months of blisters and aching feet, Allyson decided to take matters into her own hands and design a collection of shoes that are stylish and fashionable, and yet comfortable enough to work, walk and play in.

And what better place to look than in the country of Michael’s heritage – Italy, where shoemaking has become an art form – where resources in leathers and materials are unparalleled.

For over ten years Cordani shoes have been providing women with the highest quality shoes that successfully fuse fashion with comfort. Their shoe experience was born in Italy, where they learned to choose the richest materials and design shoes that always make your feet feel as good as they look.

The original Cordani shoe collection emphasizes fashionable and chic wedges and platforms. Their shoe bottoms are carefully designed to provide even weight distribution to allow you to work or play all day long. The curved lines of the under-soles give you a “rocker-effect” which gently propels you forward as you walk. The simple, understated designs offer you endless options to wear with all of your casual outfits.

So indulge yourself with comfort and pamper you feet…Italian style with Cordani shoes.


  1. Bella Bee
    November 26th, 2009 | 2:23 am

    Comfortable and pretty! A bit pricey for casual shoes, but handsome and well worth it as long as you don’t need arch support. I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day and am happy in these Cordani shoes all day long. I had the soles redone within a few months because they wore thin, but my repair place put on soft rubber soles, and it felt just like new. I plan on getting Nicholas in black as soon as my size is available.

  2. Dawn
    November 27th, 2009 | 1:25 am

    These Whistler boots are great, and and I love the look: riding boots but a little punkish. I have thin calves, and the boots fit with the buckles tightened up, but they could be loosened for tucking pants inside or for larger calves. Seemed true to size.

    I love, love, love Cordani shoes.

  3. S.T.
    November 27th, 2009 | 5:22 am

    I’m very happy with these Cordani shoes. They’re stylish and look great with jeans or a skirt. More importantly, they are exceptionally comfortable. I wore them during long days of sightseeing on a recent trip and have no complaints.